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The kindergarten, which welcomes 80 children from 2 to 6 years old, is no longer standing!

Funded and built in 1963 by the International Christian Council, it currently welcomes 80 children from 2 to 6 years old.

The nursery school was built 60 years ago, in 1963, to allow Tibetan refugee children to access education from an early age. It was originally funded by donors from the Indian Christian National Council. It is located in Kailashpura, Bilakuppé in southern India (district of Mysore), near Sera Mey (and the Monastery of Phakyab Rinpoche).

A school built in 1963, dilapidated

Since its construction it has suffered the deterioration of time and is no longer at all suitable for the education of children for reasons of surface area and safety.


In exile, children have the opportunity to learn in their own language, and this from their earliest childhood.

It has become extremely difficult and rare in Tibet under the Chinese regime. Hence the importance of funding and offering refugee families the opportunity to protect their heritage and culture.

Given the dilapidated state of the current building, studies show that it is more profitable to build a new building. 
Plans and budgets are established: this requires the collection of €250,000.

After a careful evaluation of the current building, we are advised that it is more financially viable to construct a new building and a wiser move for the school in the long run. 
We have a plan and an estimated budget of €250,000 and will share information as the project progresses.

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Phakyab Rinpoche founded “Compassion Project” in 2008, an NGO dedicated to preserving Tibetan culture and supporting Tibetan refugees in India.

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