Retreat in Sera Mey
January 9 to 24 2020

Shamatha and Medicine Buddha Retreat in India
with Phakyab Rinpoche

Sera Mey Retreat

About the retreat

This retreat is open to everyone. This is a wonderful opportunity to be with Rinpoche and receive his priceless teachings. The 2020 retreat program is similar to the 2018 retreat where Rinpoche’s students from Europe, North and South America and Asia came together and shared memorable moments.

The 2020 program will focus on Shamatha and on Medicine Buddha. There will be practices, empowerment, pujas, visit to the Padmaja Sangye cave, opportunity in the evenings to witness the monks debate at the monastery, and some free time to rest and explore.

The retreat is in Bylakuppe. Since it is a restricted area, it is required to get a special entry permit called Protected Area Permit (PAP). Rinpoche will arrange to get the permit for the group, but we will need your information by October 4th.

Rinpoche’s residence is near Sera Mey monastery. The lodging for the retreat is at the Sera Mey’s Guest House which is walking distance to Rinpoche’s meditation center. The accommodations are simple and pleasant. The Guest House will prepare the meals for the group. The meals will be vegetarian Indian and Tibetan cuisines adapted to the Westerners palate.

  • Location: Sera Mey (Bylakuppe, Karnataka) India, at Phakyab Rinpoche’s Meditation Center.
  • Itinerary:
  • Jan. 09 — Arrival to Bangalore
  • Jan. 10 — Trip to Sera Mey (early morning departure) (update)
  • Jan. 11 — Rest day in Sera Mey (update)
  • Jan. 12 — Shamatha Retreat
  • Jan. 13 — Shamatha Retreat
  • Jan. 14 — Shamatha Retreat
  • Jan. 15 — Shamatha Retreat
  • Jan. 16 — Rest day
  • Jan. 17 — Medicine Buddha Retreat
  • Jan. 18 — Medicine Buddha Retreat
  • Jan. 19 — Medicine Buddha Retreat
  • Jan. 20 — Medicine Buddha Retreat
  • Jan. 21-— Visit to Padampa Sangye Cave
  • Jan. 22 — Medicine Buddha Puja by the monastery monks
  • Jan. 23 — Trip back to Bangalore
  • Jan. 24 — Departure from Bangalore

Participant’s responsibilities:

  • Provide by October 4th. (Submit by email in .jpg or .pdf to ) (update)
    - First and last name, email address, telephone number and address
    - Two (2) passport photos on separate files
    - A copy of passport (including photo and signature pages),

  • Deposit payment of $550. USD by October 4th. (update).

  • Arrange all travel transfers to and from Bangalore, India. (Airfares and transfers are not included with the fee).

  • Hotel in Bangalore are shared rooms. For single room request, notify by or before the deposit is due. Please note there will be an extra fee that your are responsible to pay directly to the hotel.

  • If staying in Bangalore at another hotel, at your own expense, notify the name of the hotel.

  • Provide travel information (airline, flight number, and time) on arrival and departure to/from Bangalore airport.

  • Responsible of all personal and incidental expenses.

  • Get the required travel visa to India (if required per nationality).

  • Passport must be valid, not expiring within six months from the last day leaving India.

  • Get health and trip insurance (optional).

  • Immunizations


  • Cost: $1,800 USD plus donation to support Rinpoche’s work and monastery restorations.
  • For registration and more information, click here to send an email.

Registration includes all teachings, pujas, trip to the cave, accommodations and meals at the Sera Mey Guest House, transportation to / from Sera Mey and Bangalore on Jan. 11 and Jan. 23, hotel in Bangalore in shared room before and after Sera Mey, and transportation on Jan. 9 from the airport to the hotel and on Jan. 24 from the hotel to the airport.

It is required a $550 UDS deposit by October 4th and the remaining balance before the retreat starts. (update)

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