While Phakyab Rinpoche was in New York suffering with gangrene and diabetes, he cured himself through an intensive practice of healing meditation, specifically Tsa-lung.
As per his own experience, Rinpoche has established a program of Shamatha Meditation,
a practice of mental calmness.
Shamatha is a Sanskrit word divided into two parts: “Shama” which means calm and “Ta” that means to abide.  
The objective is to develop a calm, clear, focused mind.

9 Stages of Shamatha Course

Shamatha Meditation is a remarkable method for restoring our inner peace, stabilizing our mind,
understanding and managing our emotions and the stress of daily life.
It is a powerful method to develop a more joyful and serene mind.

This practice of Shamatha of Healing is a complete practice because it integrates three phases.

  • Phase of purification of the 5 chakras.

  • Phase of concentration, which will bring the mind of the practitioner to focus (Shamatha).

  • Phase of practice of compassion, associated with the practice of emptiness (Vipashyana).

This is a great opportunity for all of us to practice this special method of healing.

Rinpoche has developed a “9 Stages of Shamatha Course”
at his center Menla Jambtse Choeling near Paris, France,
and programs are also available in the US at Lake Tahoe, Nevada and Miami, Florida.

Traditionally, the 9 Stages of Shamatha Course is covered in a minimum of 3,600 hours of meditation.

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Phakyab Rinpoche will pass along the Tsa-Lung to those who have reached the end of the 9 Stages of Shamatha Course.

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