Buddhism and Science have a connection: Dalai Lama

LEH, Aug 19: During the second day of teaching, His Holiness the Dalai Lama gave a commentary on Shantideva’s A Guide to the Bodhisattva’s Way of Life (Chodjug).
Devotees from all over the world gathered in large numbers to attend the teaching with great devotion and faith. His Holiness appealed to the devotees, particularly the monks and nuns not to have blind faith without studying Buddhist philosophy. His Holiness made the point that while wearing monks’ robes and following monastic rituals may help propogate the Dharma, it won’t help one to internalize the Dharma to give one a meaningful life. He added that one has to make life meaningful by engaging in study, debate and discussion as well as meditation and he always advises his students, including school children, to study Buddhist philosophy and not  just follow the tradition blindly.
Reiterating that Buddhism has a connection with science, His Holiness said that in the 20th century scientists primarily focused on external matter, but now in  the 21st century scientists have begun to recognize the importance of internal emotions, which also influence the physical aspect of our body. He said this during a teaching session in Moscow in 1979 when he spoke about the importance of mental happiness and people refused to accept it, saying that he was giving Buddhist teaching lectures but now they accept as reality that mental states do affect  the physical aspect.
Meanwhile, donations and sponsors for the teaching session poured in from large numbers of devotees. LBA members, volunteers, security personnel, different Tsogspa and students worked day and night to make the teaching go smoothly. Outside the teaching venue was quite festive with a wide array of vendors displaying various merchandise to appeal to different customers’ desires and business was brisk.